The World's Best Sausage

$100 non-refundable deposit
$250 non-refundable deposit

Our natural pork is pasture-raised and fed a specially-blended feed. Customers have said that this is the best pork they have ever eaten – and it is!


We butcher pork each spring and fall – place your order now for the upcoming butcher date.

Taking 2016 pork orders

Sausage $5.97/pound
Pork Chops $7.65/pound
Canadian Boneless Loin Roast $8.01 /pound
Cured Ham $8.08/pound
Fresh Ham $7.37/pound
Country Style Ribs $6.64/pound
Spare Ribs $4.23/pound
Baby Back Ribs $7.07/pound
Bacon $8.89/pound
Neck Bones $7.65/pound
Ham Hock $3.65/pound
Whole or Half Hog $3.57/pound



Details for whole and half hog orders